Wish You Were Here

21 07 2012

By your side, holding hands. Cold.

Your eyes staring right at me while I try but fail to look back into your soul to find out what you’re feeling, saying and thinking? Trapped.

You clenched me tightly, shaking them as if trying to convey some sort of cryptic message that I could never decipher. Helpless.

I’ve never been big on words but you have always inspired me.

I was the best artist in school because of you, since everyone thought I made my own drawings, although it was actually you haha.

I even longed to have hand-writing like yours. So very artistic!

I always depended on you as being my only real sister, if not a second mother – Saman baji is more like a brother while Mehak is and will always be like a baby to me.

If I was given a chance, you and I would be best friends forever. I hate how we can’t share our life experiences with one another and cherish having each other.


I can’t believe it. Today is the first of Ramadan, 1433 A.H. Almost a year has passed, it seems like yesterday that you were with us.

They say that time heals everything. But what if you don’t want a wound to heal?

If you want something to stay the same, for as long as time itself. Because you don’t want it all to be okay again.

Because NO, you just can’t accept it all being okay again.

No, Amber baji it’s not okay that you’re not here with us anymore.

We would go to the ends of the world for you. Each and every one of us. Even little Hadi and Amanih.
Someone so pure and clean, yet so soiled by the misdemeanors of our own people…


Happy Ramadan, Amber baji. Hoping that you can read this wherever you are. Family meals are not the same without you here. We miss you more than anything! See you on sunday. ❤

All of us.


Because we’re Pakistani!

16 07 2012

Guess what’s trending on twitter right now?


Yeah, same. I’m shocked too. Thinking naee mentality khraab hoti hai, bhen ke takko! #TypicalPakistaniMentality


3 Hrs later, I single-handedly manage to start the trend #PakistaniPornoTitles.

Fucking Tumblr: How does it work?

30 06 2012

I was linked to the following link via my twitter (@KafishMajal):


Andddddd now I need someone to tell me how to like/comment stuff on there. O_O


30 06 2012

I’ve been a bike protagonist for the best part of 3 months now. Bought one with my first salary as a mark of protest, a kick to the system, staking my claim to say that I’ve had enough of the escalating fuel prices and endless CNG queues.



Amidst all the protests and strikes associated with the (apparent) shortage of CNG and Petrol in my country, I have decided to start a Bicycle Revolution.

In practicality, it would be nothing less than a coup d’état that my country is currently devoid of. Theoretically, my “Anarchy on Two Wheels” would have implicit and explicit meanings aimed at the rotten system of governance. This might all seem to be cataclysmic rant but in all probabilities, it is quite conceivable under the natural order.

This quantum leap of rebellion can be acquired in two simple steps:

  1. Purchase a bike/cycle/two-wheeler
  2. Ride it


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27 06 2012

My best friend’s first work. She probably doesn’t know it yet but she is way beyond awesome. The first of many amazing posts to come, hopefully. Shine on!


“Sit still, Shona!” yelled an agitated Tara, washing her younger sister’s feet, “I will pour this water on your head if you move your feet again!”

“I am NOT Shona,” protested Naina, who was now six years old and did not like her childish nickname very much. “Leave me alone. Mashima washes my feet better than you, anyway. Somebody help me! Didi is trying to drown me!” she yelped.

The 400 yard house echoed with Naina’s routine bellows. Everybody knew that her daily tantrum had begun. Mashima – otherwise indifferent to Naina’s behaviour – told her to be quiet.

“Shut up! Can you not see I am tuning my sitar, you brat?” she shouted from eight feet away.

It was a sunny July afternoon in Khulna, Bangladesh. The garden smelled of last night’s rain and mango; freshly sliced and spiced mango that lay on bamboo sheets to dry so that…

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26 06 2012

It’s only rock n’ roll but I like it WOOHOOOO! \o/

CNN Photos

Editor’s note: The Rolling Stones are on their 50th anniversary tour through June 24. This rare look at the band in 1972 was published by CNN in 2012.

Legendary rock-and-roll photographer Jim Marshall spent time with musicians in a way that journalists could only dream of today. Before his death in 2010, he captured some of the most influential and personal moments in music history, including these previously unpublished images of the Rolling Stones on tour in 1972.

Working in a different era, Marshall became friends with the musicians and gained access that other photographers could not. He was proud of the fact that “in his 52 years as a photojournalist he never got a complaint from any subject, manager or record company,” he said in his first book, “Not Fade Away.”

Marshall had a “fly on the wall” approach during sessions with a band – sometimes they almost forgot…

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8 01 2012

Okay so, I have a new goal in life. I want to do what this guy did. YESSSSSSS!

And  HELLYEA I think it’s manageable. STFU!