RealiTEE – Cause branding of clothes!

7 05 2016

Being a guy who has always worn my heart on the sleeve, shopping for t-shirts has historically been quite a task. If, like me, you look for personality in the stuff that you wear and enjoy standing out from the crowd, it’s quite a hard battle to fight.

A month ago however, I stumbled upon a cause-branded fashion label by the name of RealiTEE and to be honest they have changed my life!

First of all their products are one of a kind cool. Being slightly tacky yet still hitting at the heart of key social issues, the guys at RealiTEE are doing a great job with the quality of products they’re providing. I have bought 3 shirts last week, from them, despite being wary of online shopping. But by being priced appropriately at Rs 450/shirt, I felt at ease spending the money, because they donate Rs 50 from the proceeds to a relevant charity.


Touted as Pakistan’s own version of Sevenly, their recent Humans of Pakistan post about cross-dressers was actually quite a heart-tingling story and to be honest it makes me feel a real sense of pride when wearing clothes from a brand who supports such individuals. It was also featured in the press and gained nationwide as well as international coverage.

Additionally, the RealiTEE team is hugely responsive and very accommodating. I have bad service at my home, so I ended up asking the same question multiple times and not once did they show any sign of irritation, which is a surefire sign of great customer service.

I’ve heard that they are now looking to launch RealiTEE Loyalty Card to get discounts at various restaurants too. I will surely get it.😀

For all of you wanting a great deal and to also contribute to a real cause, go visit their facebook page. The fact that you can do all of this while looking cool is the cherry on top!

fb Logo


Because we’re Pakistani!

16 07 2012

Guess what’s trending on twitter right now?


Yeah, same. I’m shocked too. Thinking naee mentality khraab hoti hai, bhen ke takko! #TypicalPakistaniMentality


3 Hrs later, I single-handedly manage to start the trend #PakistaniPornoTitles.


19 05 2010

The fact that the ‘social networking’ website facebook is banned for use while all of 434567563475656345634 porn sites on the internet are accessible from pretty much everywhere in Pakistan.

Hello world!

27 02 2010


I will give you life
You’ll serve only me
And my will to kill
You will kill for me
All that I desire
All that I command
You are here for me
I’m your Master
My creation
I will make for you
A soul mate to love
Unlike your love for me
And you will take my name
She will be your bride
She will serve me too
And I will introduce to you
The Bride of Frankenstein

My creation – Megadeth.

/me waves hi.