Why Quitting is Awesome

16 08 2013


How Not to be Pakistani

Remember those age old adages that the elders told you? Things like “winners never quit and quitters never win?” Lessons like you should rough it out, suck it up, face your problems head on for as long as it takes and you will come out on the other side a stronger, more accomplished human being? That things are just going to work out and everything is going to be awesome once this period of anguish is over because the universe is going to modify its laws of probability just to give you the happy ending you think you deserve? That “when the going get tough, the tough get going”?

They were wrong.

Quitting may be the best thing you can do for your well being, your happiness, your health, your career, your life.

We are smarter than our brains. Our physiology is very well attuned to what’s good for us…

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How to be an Awesome Pakistani Cheetah

3 08 2013


How Not to be Pakistani


Many people here think it’s impossible to succeed on a path different from the typical, ineffectual road to mediocrity. But there is another path, less traveled, more fulfilling, made of awesomeness. If you want to be awesome, apply the following:


Go to school only if you’re truly interested in the field. Don’t put all your hopes on your professors or the classroom to teach you how to live life. Understand that University education is only the beginning, actual education is a lifelong process. Be comfortable learning many things and always set for yourself a high standard of excellence in what you set out to achieve. Keep your mind active by reading often and watching documentaries.

Professional Life

Make yourself indispensable, whether at a workplace or self-employed. At the workplace, always look to contribute above and beyond the call of your job description. Make the people around you comfortable by…

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Nietzsche – Twilight of the Idols

26 07 2013

When Nietzsche and football were on the same side.

Fisted Away

::: Today we welcome a guestpost from Russell Berrisford, who you may remember from such gaily flickering difference engine lanterns as theVancouver Sun and Soccer Report Extra :::

Through the years many football managers have been known to put the fear of God into their players, but there has been only one who has terrified them by killing off God completely. I’m talking of course about the great European coach of the mid-1800s, Friedrich Nietzsche. The “God is dead” story is the stuff of legend but first let us take a look at the, sadly neglected, early career of arguably the first great European manager.

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23 07 2013

There is nothing more.

The Realm Beyond Dreams

Slowly they start slipping away, and you forget how to miss them. Or how you ever missed them. Learn to live without people who defined life, slowly and painfully, but surely.
You forget, and keep on forgetting till you lose them in the crevices of your memories, with nothing but songs and words as triggers. And those are the songs you don’t listen to, the words you don’t read. It’s all in how much you avoid them. The people, the songs, the words.

Until one day, something refreshes your memory. And you expect it to hurt, except that it doesn’t. Not even one bit, and that’s what makes the whole situation a little sad.Here is someone you couldn’t have dreamed of being without, and now you don’t even know them. It could not have been much different from bumping into a stranger who might induce a little deja vu, but…

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30 06 2012

I’ve been a bike protagonist for the best part of 3 months now. Bought one with my first salary as a mark of protest, a kick to the system, staking my claim to say that I’ve had enough of the escalating fuel prices and endless CNG queues.


27 06 2012

My best friend’s first work. She probably doesn’t know it yet but she is way beyond awesome. The first of many amazing posts to come, hopefully. Shine on!


“Sit still, Shona!” yelled an agitated Tara, washing her younger sister’s feet, “I will pour this water on your head if you move your feet again!”

“I am NOT Shona,” protested Naina, who was now six years old and did not like her childish nickname very much. “Leave me alone. Mashima washes my feet better than you, anyway. Somebody help me! Didi is trying to drown me!” she yelped.

The 400 yard house echoed with Naina’s routine bellows. Everybody knew that her daily tantrum had begun. Mashima – otherwise indifferent to Naina’s behaviour – told her to be quiet.

“Shut up! Can you not see I am tuning my sitar, you brat?” she shouted from eight feet away.

It was a sunny July afternoon in Khulna, Bangladesh. The garden smelled of last night’s rain and mango; freshly sliced and spiced mango that lay on bamboo sheets to dry so that…

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26 06 2012

It’s only rock n’ roll but I like it WOOHOOOO! \o/

CNN Photos

Editor’s note: The Rolling Stones are on their 50th anniversary tour through June 24. This rare look at the band in 1972 was published by CNN in 2012.

Legendary rock-and-roll photographer Jim Marshall spent time with musicians in a way that journalists could only dream of today. Before his death in 2010, he captured some of the most influential and personal moments in music history, including these previously unpublished images of the Rolling Stones on tour in 1972.

Working in a different era, Marshall became friends with the musicians and gained access that other photographers could not. He was proud of the fact that “in his 52 years as a photojournalist he never got a complaint from any subject, manager or record company,” he said in his first book, “Not Fade Away.”

Marshall had a “fly on the wall” approach during sessions with a band – sometimes they almost forgot…

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