The moment.

3 06 2010


It just felt right. Nothing helped me get you off my mind, hard I may try. I was getting delusional and everything somehow now related to you.

TV – failed.

Funny articles (The article about Alfie HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA) – failed.

Facebook(heh) – failed.

Poop(A first) – failed.

I – had failed.

You had won. And so I had decided. (Persuasion FTW!). Off my bum, I stood; and set towards my destiny. Yes, you were my destiny.

The moment gaping, only time was what seperated me from you. I wanted to make it as special as I could and so, I pictured it in my head. Perfect it seemed. I added the odd extra ingredient to make sure that it was perfect and, maybe, even help spice it all up.

A few minutes passed and you were right where I wanted you. In my lap, and waiting; just the way I liked you. And then…

I took my first nibble.

With drums rolling in my head and my taste buds almost able to anticipate the taste of you, yummy as ever and the way I’d imagined… you were awful.

I was heart-broken.

Raw in places and lacking flavour in others, the french fries that I had longed for, were not these. You were an utter waste of my time.

You were proof that I still suck as a cook. (Ilearnthowtomakechickenkarahilastweekthoughandthatwasprettygoodsoeffawfpliss o.o)