Hi and welcome, whoever you are.

This is just a scrapbook of various thoughts that I’ve conjured up through various sets of experiences in my life, pfft needless to say yeah I know.

An introduction about myself would be helpful though:

I am…


Fat(in places lulz).

Judgemental as a fox.


Impartial as myself.

Lazy as a pig.


Eccentric as Jens Lehmann.

Forgetful as a dolphin.


The eternal rocker.

The complacent.

The one who never learns.

The wannabe Engineer.

The footballer with the jarred knee.

The brother of three beautiful sisters.

(was) Born in the wrong decade.

Someone with bad memory.


A mamoo of two sublime creatures.

A passionate.

A good listener.

A perceived fool.

A son.

An asshole.

A friend.

A hater.

A Manchester United Fan.

A lover.

Kashif Jamal.


4 responses

28 02 2010
Mehreen Kasana

Welcome aboard, asshole. Sending hugs your way.

Bone crushing ones.

1 07 2012
Zainab Marvi

Welcome aboard, asshole. Sending rishtas your way.
Bone cru- umm nevermind. đŸ˜€

19 03 2013

Well, that’s a mysteriously interesting introduction. o.O

16 09 2013

interesting introduction!

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