RealiTEE – Cause branding of clothes!

7 05 2016

Being a guy who has always worn my heart on the sleeve, shopping for t-shirts has historically been quite a task. If, like me, you look for personality in the stuff that you wear and enjoy standing out from the crowd, it’s quite a hard battle to fight.

A month ago however, I stumbled upon a cause-branded fashion label by the name of RealiTEE and to be honest they have changed my life!

First of all their products are one of a kind cool. Being slightly tacky yet still hitting at the heart of key social issues, the guys at RealiTEE are doing a great job with the quality of products they’re providing. I have bought 3 shirts last week, from them, despite being wary of online shopping. But by being priced appropriately at Rs 450/shirt, I felt at ease spending the money, because they donate Rs 50 from the proceeds to a relevant charity.


Touted as Pakistan’s own version of Sevenly, their recent Humans of Pakistan post about cross-dressers was actually quite a heart-tingling story and to be honest it makes me feel a real sense of pride when wearing clothes from a brand who supports such individuals. It was also featured in the press and gained nationwide as well as international coverage.

Additionally, the RealiTEE team is hugely responsive and very accommodating. I have bad service at my home, so I ended up asking the same question multiple times and not once did they show any sign of irritation, which is a surefire sign of great customer service.

I’ve heard that they are now looking to launch RealiTEE Loyalty Card to get discounts at various restaurants too. I will surely get it.😀

For all of you wanting a great deal and to also contribute to a real cause, go visit their facebook page. The fact that you can do all of this while looking cool is the cherry on top!

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