Nietzsche – Twilight of the Idols

26 07 2013

When Nietzsche and football were on the same side.

Fisted Away

::: Today we welcome a guestpost from Russell Berrisford, who you may remember from such gaily flickering difference engine lanterns as theVancouver Sun and Soccer Report Extra :::

Through the years many football managers have been known to put the fear of God into their players, but there has been only one who has terrified them by killing off God completely. I’m talking of course about the great European coach of the mid-1800s, Friedrich Nietzsche. The “God is dead” story is the stuff of legend but first let us take a look at the, sadly neglected, early career of arguably the first great European manager.

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23 07 2013

There is nothing more.

The Realm Beyond Dreams

Slowly they start slipping away, and you forget how to miss them. Or how you ever missed them. Learn to live without people who defined life, slowly and painfully, but surely.
You forget, and keep on forgetting till you lose them in the crevices of your memories, with nothing but songs and words as triggers. And those are the songs you don’t listen to, the words you don’t read. It’s all in how much you avoid them. The people, the songs, the words.

Until one day, something refreshes your memory. And you expect it to hurt, except that it doesn’t. Not even one bit, and that’s what makes the whole situation a little sad.Here is someone you couldn’t have dreamed of being without, and now you don’t even know them. It could not have been much different from bumping into a stranger who might induce a little deja vu, but…

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