The moment.

3 06 2010


It just felt right. Nothing helped me get you off my mind, hard I may try. I was getting delusional and everything somehow now related to you.

TV – failed.

Funny articles (The article about Alfie HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA) – failed.

Facebook(heh) – failed.

Poop(A first) – failed.

I – had failed.

You had won. And so I had decided. (Persuasion FTW!). Off my bum, I stood; and set towards my destiny. Yes, you were my destiny.

The moment gaping, only time was what seperated me from you. I wanted to make it as special as I could and so, I pictured it in my head. Perfect it seemed. I added the odd extra ingredient to make sure that it was perfect and, maybe, even help spice it all up.

A few minutes passed and you were right where I wanted you. In my lap, and waiting; just the way I liked you. And then…

I took my first nibble.

With drums rolling in my head and my taste buds almost able to anticipate the taste of you, yummy as ever and the way I’d imagined… you were awful.

I was heart-broken.

Raw in places and lacking flavour in others, the french fries that I had longed for, were not these. You were an utter waste of my time.

You were proof that I still suck as a cook. (Ilearnthowtomakechickenkarahilastweekthoughandthatwasprettygoodsoeffawfpliss o.o)




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3 06 2010


3 06 2010
Kashif Jamal

Your blog made me jealous, Sara. And so I just wrote about what I’d done just 5.45675723 minutes ago. 😀

3 06 2010

you write really well…
i enjoyed this one

3 06 2010
Kashif Jamal

Haha THANKS, Dhruv bro!

Boredom breeds procrastination, and oh meaningless(-fulllawlz?) articles.

3 06 2010

2 days in GIK were enough to help me realize your pain, man.

3 06 2010
Kashif Jamal

Say it, Hussam. Say that you loved it, up there. 😀

Next year, I will be a FREEEEEEEBIRD WOOHOO! <o/

(thanksforthecommentsbtw :D)

3 06 2010

Honestly, it was a great experience. Except for the food. But you already know abou that 😛

3 06 2010

HAHAHAHAHA. Yaaaar. I love your way of writing. Hilarious.

3 06 2010
Kashif Jamal

Haha thanks yaaar. Saee mood off ho gya tha chips kha ke mera, so thought I should put it in writing. Bechari meri behn, I gave her half my plate to munch on LOL. Interestingly, she said nothing. =/

4 06 2010

At least you tried. I love the build up. 🙂

4 06 2010
Kashif Jamal


6 06 2010
Mehreen Kasana

Fuck off and make me a sammich, whore. You good for nothing piece of burnt cow carcass.

Aw, joking. Heartfelt like Sara said. Sargodha ao, daig banayen ge aap ke liye huzoor.

7 06 2010
Kashif Jamal

Topi ponch gaya hoon. Now don’t fucking push it, achaw? :aha:

7 06 2010

Hahaha yawr. Friezez bananay sikhaa doon mere laal ko?

Pehle boil karo potatoes until they’re HALF-COOKED. Phir fry karo on HIGH HEAT until gawldun. Then nikaalo and salt n chat masala.



8 06 2010
Kashif Jamal

Hahaha yaaaawr AATE HAIN!

Iss baar achay naee banay. Bawt pukk lagi si. o.o

7 06 2011

Good stuff! The french fries was a good unexpected twist!:P

9 06 2011
Kashif Jamal

Oh hello! Thanks for the comment haha. I need to go back to doing this again. I miss being creative about stuff. DAMNED WRITER’S-BLOCK! =(

6 07 2011
Imaan Sheikh

LOL! OMG Love? French fries, magically enough, always taste best when someone else makes them.

6 07 2011
Kashif Jamal

I perfected the technique the other night. =D

^ That’s what she said.

29 05 2012
Sahar Paliwala

Froze in my tracks at “took my first nibble” but haaaaaha. Did not see that coming! Nicely done 🙂 but now I want fries..

29 05 2012
Kashif Jamal

I LIVE for fries. And oh, thanks for commenting, Sahar. \o/

30 06 2012
Kashif Jamal


25 07 2013

Hey! This is wayyyy better than mine. 😀

25 07 2013
Kashif Jamal

Haha thanksss! 😀

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