I miss you

5 04 2010

I can’t sleep. I must sleep. I can’t get the thought of you out of my head.

Where are you? Where am I? I’m thinking of you. Are you thinking of me? I know that you have trouble sleeping too.

We never were close. But I loved you. You were the shining star, for all. I never told you that I loved you. Do you know that I DO love you? It kills me to think that I never got close to you. We fought. I hated you for it, each time. You would get unreasonable sometimes. But I was a kid. Still am. At heart.

I still long for your presence beside me. Where are you? Are you there? I hope that somewhere in the heavens or earth, you can hear me, right now. Today if not right now. Tomorrow if not today. Sooner rather than later. Soon? Now!

I have regrets. I want you to know that I’m sorry. I would say sorry for the rest of my days if it meant fixing it all. I cried beside you the last time I was with you. You tried to sweep my tears away. You touched me, again. Your hands shook. You had tears in your eyes. They meant an eternity to me. I won’t ever forget that.

I will never forget you and I pray for you every chance that I get. The painting on my wall attests to that. You will be the best, for me, forever. The best of us, in the here and in the hereafter.

I miss you. Everyday. I love you, Amber Baji!




7 responses

5 04 2010

this really is heart aching. sometimes it just puts us through misery and nothing else – but does it help us evolve? into a better us?

5 04 2010
Kashif Jamal

You might have a point there but even if it did help US evolve into a better us, I feel it’s not worth someone elses life.

6 04 2010
Mehreen Kasana

This brought tears to my eyes, Kashu. Sending so prayers and love your way, my friend. I am sure your warmth has reached her. I am so sure.

To your happiness, Kashif.

6 04 2010
Kashif Jamal

Thank you so much Mehr. You have no idea how much all that means to me. =)

6 04 2010
Mehreen Kasana

so many*

sigh. forgive the typo.

19 04 2010
Alina Lodhi

Wonderfully write Kashif.
Hope your message gets to her. 🙂

20 04 2010
Kashif Jamal

I really hope so too, Alina. Thanks for commenting! =)

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