9 03 2010

In times of need I’ve tried most of everything that I could, to help motivate the I. Me. Myself. Especially when I’ve exams going on. Finals time and mid-terms too, are pretty much the worst times in the semester but ironically enough they are also theĀ  BEST FUCKING time of the semester, for me.

Today a friend and myself, sulking as we usually do in the mess dining hall, came up with the theory that for one to effectively ‘CHILL’ one must be in a state of ‘BUNDPHATT’ness. Yes it’s sad that I can’t keep the profanity out of my… your… OUR faces? So fucking deal with it, bitch. So ermm, yeah. And it’s remarkable that such a moment of inspiration came about given that I was in a state of Bundphattness at the per say time and also because it’s hardly common that we have any sort of fruitful discussion while in the mess. It’s a place for discussing academic shit, football and just throwing random abusive banter on each other. Oh, and porn.

Don’t judge me, fat-ass.

Anyway, studying; just for the sake of it has never appealed to me. But the exams are a time when people like me are forced to act otherwise to keep the balance struck, intact. It’s awesome though, to slack away at such a time when you know that you MUST study to have any chances of achieving anything. Seriously man you MUST try it!

For someone who is as light heart-ed as I can be in such times of uncertainty, Motivation is something you need bucket-loads of, to tackle anything and everything that your ‘teachers’ can throw your way(GET IT? THROW! YOUR WAY? Sigh FML). Oh so before I get side-tracked because of my lack of vocab and the aura of the sensation that is ‘Papa was a Rolling Stone’ in the background, here it is:

And yes. He does motivate me in ways that aren’t gay too. -_-