RealiTEE – Cause branding of clothes!

7 05 2016

Being a guy who has always worn my heart on the sleeve, shopping for t-shirts has historically been quite a task. If, like me, you look for personality in the stuff that you wear and enjoy standing out from the crowd, it’s quite a hard battle to fight.

A month ago however, I stumbled upon a cause-branded fashion label by the name of RealiTEE and to be honest they have changed my life!

First of all their products are one of a kind cool. Being slightly tacky yet still hitting at the heart of key social issues, the guys at RealiTEE are doing a great job with the quality of products they’re providing. I have bought 3 shirts last week, from them, despite being wary of online shopping. But by being priced appropriately at Rs 450/shirt, I felt at ease spending the money, because they donate Rs 50 from the proceeds to a relevant charity.


Touted as Pakistan’s own version of Sevenly, their recent Humans of Pakistan post about cross-dressers was actually quite a heart-tingling story and to be honest it makes me feel a real sense of pride when wearing clothes from a brand who supports such individuals. It was also featured in the press and gained nationwide as well as international coverage.

Additionally, the RealiTEE team is hugely responsive and very accommodating. I have bad service at my home, so I ended up asking the same question multiple times and not once did they show any sign of irritation, which is a surefire sign of great customer service.

I’ve heard that they are now looking to launch RealiTEE Loyalty Card to get discounts at various restaurants too. I will surely get it.😀

For all of you wanting a great deal and to also contribute to a real cause, go visit their facebook page. The fact that you can do all of this while looking cool is the cherry on top!

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Hey You!

10 12 2013

I don’t care if you don’t add me to your facebook,
I kinda hate facebook,

I don’t care if you don’t give me your number,
I already have tons of girls’ numbers ;),

I care to write to you so I can really know you,
The truest form of chivalry in this age anew.

Gonna go buy a pen, in my favourite shade of blue.
~~ Just4u0nLY4u

Why Quitting is Awesome

16 08 2013


How Not to be Pakistani

Remember those age old adages that the elders told you? Things like “winners never quit and quitters never win?” Lessons like you should rough it out, suck it up, face your problems head on for as long as it takes and you will come out on the other side a stronger, more accomplished human being? That things are just going to work out and everything is going to be awesome once this period of anguish is over because the universe is going to modify its laws of probability just to give you the happy ending you think you deserve? That “when the going get tough, the tough get going”?

They were wrong.

Quitting may be the best thing you can do for your well being, your happiness, your health, your career, your life.

We are smarter than our brains. Our physiology is very well attuned to what’s good for us…

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How to be an Awesome Pakistani Cheetah

3 08 2013


How Not to be Pakistani


Many people here think it’s impossible to succeed on a path different from the typical, ineffectual road to mediocrity. But there is another path, less traveled, more fulfilling, made of awesomeness. If you want to be awesome, apply the following:


Go to school only if you’re truly interested in the field. Don’t put all your hopes on your professors or the classroom to teach you how to live life. Understand that University education is only the beginning, actual education is a lifelong process. Be comfortable learning many things and always set for yourself a high standard of excellence in what you set out to achieve. Keep your mind active by reading often and watching documentaries.

Professional Life

Make yourself indispensable, whether at a workplace or self-employed. At the workplace, always look to contribute above and beyond the call of your job description. Make the people around you comfortable by…

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Nietzsche – Twilight of the Idols

26 07 2013

When Nietzsche and football were on the same side.

Fisted Away

::: Today we welcome a guestpost from Russell Berrisford, who you may remember from such gaily flickering difference engine lanterns as theVancouver Sun and Soccer Report Extra :::

Through the years many football managers have been known to put the fear of God into their players, but there has been only one who has terrified them by killing off God completely. I’m talking of course about the great European coach of the mid-1800s, Friedrich Nietzsche. The “God is dead” story is the stuff of legend but first let us take a look at the, sadly neglected, early career of arguably the first great European manager.

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23 07 2013

There is nothing more.

The Realm Beyond Dreams

Slowly they start slipping away, and you forget how to miss them. Or how you ever missed them. Learn to live without people who defined life, slowly and painfully, but surely.
You forget, and keep on forgetting till you lose them in the crevices of your memories, with nothing but songs and words as triggers. And those are the songs you don’t listen to, the words you don’t read. It’s all in how much you avoid them. The people, the songs, the words.

Until one day, something refreshes your memory. And you expect it to hurt, except that it doesn’t. Not even one bit, and that’s what makes the whole situation a little sad.Here is someone you couldn’t have dreamed of being without, and now you don’t even know them. It could not have been much different from bumping into a stranger who might induce a little deja vu, but…

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Watershed moment

2 10 2012

October 1st, 2012.